Pizza Tugos
Ocean City

Pizza Tugos

In 1983, Pizza Tugos came up with the novel idea of opening a pizza delivery shop.

It became the first pizza delivery place in . Today they still have the “fast, free delivery” that made it famous, but it’s so much more! Pizza Tugos Taproom in West has taken this beach favorite and elevated it. Seating for 300, craft beers, 78 beers on tap, a Tiki bar and a new, expanded menu with many made from scratch items. They started small, but now they are an favorite.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (1980), a skinny young lad from the big city graduated from high school, packed all his worldly possessions in his 1978 AMC and moved to Ocean City for the summer. Being really young, naive, and full of ambition he set out to conquer the world. Three short years later (at 21 years of age), with direction from an early mentor, he made the fateful decision to open a pizza shop, and not just any pizza shop, but Ocean City’s very first pizza delivery shop. Voila! Pizza Tugos was born. It may sound silly now, but NOBODY delivered anything in 1983, and everyone thought he was crazy (most people still do). Turns out it was a pretty good idea.

Fast forward to 2010. After many improvements, much tinkering to make everything just right for his guests, and more trial and error than anyone could ever imagine, Mr. Tugo opened his most ambitious project to date. Pizza Tugos Taproom in West Ocean City! With 78 beers on tap, Tiki bar, 300 seats, a new and expanded menu, huge focus on made from scratch items, in an upscale setting, Mr. Tugo raised the bar, and set the direction, for all future Pizza Tugos. If you have not been in yet, you need to stop in. He hopes you enjoy Pizza Tugos, version 2.0. And fear not, although Pizza Tugos is about so much more than just a pizza shop, that “fast free delivery”, that made Pizza Tugos famous is around for a long time to come.