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Martin Fish Company has been “Where The Boats Unload!” their fresh catch since 1958.  Four generations of the family have worked here, with the 5th generation now in training!  We pack commercial fishing vessels all year – but we also open our Retail Store every Spring, so we can share the highest quality seafood with you.

This summer we have decided to install a Walk Up Window and to offer Curbside Pickup, out of an abundance of caution, due to the current pandemic.  Please order online at MartinFishCo.Com.  We are located at 12929 Harbor Road in West Ocean City, MD.  Our Fresh Seafood Market is currently open Monday to Saturday ... 10 am - 6 pm.  Carry-Out is now open Wednesday to Saturday ... 11 am to 6 pm with Delicious Daily Seafood Specials.   Hours change as we approach fall, so please check our website for updates, MartinFishco.Com, & follow us on Social Media.

Our History

Fishing in the Martin Family goes way back – to around 1900 when two Brothers, Albert & John Patrick, immigrated from Sweden. They settled near Kitty Hawk, in Nagshead, NC.  They were gill net fishermen – catching sturgeon and other fish.  Both married there & around 1918 moved their growing families to Chincoteague, Virginia.  In 1936 John Patrick, Mary and their two youngest children, John W. & Lewis moved to Ocean City, Maryland.   He taught his sons Fishing!

John W. Martin, his brother and cousins were all very good Fishermen.  After selling their catch at other Docks throughout the 1940s and early 1950s they decided to make a change. “Big Harold” & John bought our property on Harbor Road in West Ocean City in 1955.  They were “Martin Brothers” at first, but in 1958 they incorporated as Martin Fish Company.

In 1975, John. W.’s oldest of 7 children, John David Martin took over the company.  David’s three children grew up on the Dock and on the Trawlers, learning the business from the ground up.  Erika now manages the Retail Store.  His sons Sam & John Martin worked on the Dock and became boat Captains - and their children have enjoyed working at Martin Fish Co., learning the fishing business.  The next generation is currently “in training”.  John W. “Pop” Martin’s great-great grandchildren - Van & Giana – our cutest little “employees”.

Our Vision

This truly is a family business because our employees are all like family, working at Martin Fish Company for decades.  We appreciate the fishing heritage our Grandfather & Big Harold continued here at the Commercial Harbor in West Ocean City.  Fishing & Providing fresh seafood for others is our way of life and we love it.  We hope Our Family will be providing Your Family with delicious, fresh seafood for Generations.