By Arielle Patterson
15 Jan 2019

Things to Do on the Water in Ocean City

Ocean City is surrounded by water. From the ocean to the inlet, the city is nearly 90 percent water. With miles of shoreline, public beach access points and plenty of bodies of water to explore, Ocean City is a fantastic coastal community.

From the Assawoman Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City’s waterways are perfect for dozens of water activities. Whether you want to cool off from a hot day in the sun or rev up for some excitement...

By vgAdmin
07 Nov 2018


While Ocean City's award-winning boardwalk is a "must" on your list of vacation activities, don't be afraid to venture off the boards and enjoy the rest of OC! Whether you are on the bayside, North or West Ocean City or even Midtown, your experience will be filled with fun and memories.

North Ocean City

This area begins 91st Street and continues on to the Delaware border at 146th Street. The...

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