Public Transportation in Ocean City


Don’t Want to Drive? Try Out the OC’s Public Transportation!


The Boardwalk Tram is just one of the great transportation on offer to the public in Ocean City!

The Boardwalk Tram is just one of the great transportation on offer to the public in Ocean City!


Ocean City is 10 miles of the most exciting and active beachfront on the Atlantic Coast. It’s great to hangout on beach, walk the 3-mile Boardwalk, and take in the sights from your hotel balcony. But one thing you may not want to do is drive around busy streets you are unfamiliar with. Plus, if you fly to Ocean City, you may not want to add the expense of car rental. Or maybe you’ve been experiencing the exciting night life in Ocean City. What’s a safe way back to your accommodations?

The answer is Ocean City’s public transportation. The OC has plenty of inexpensive public transportation options.


Four Main Ocean City Public Transportation Services


The Boardwalk Tram

Walking the entire 3-mile Boardwalk is fun but exhausting. If you want to see everything the Boardwalk has to offer without the walk, the Boardwalk Tram is a great way to get around.

One-Way Trip: $3

8 Rides: $20

One-Day Pass: $6 (11 a.m.–4 p.m.)


The Coastal Highway Beach Bus
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If you want to travel away from the Boardwalk, the Coastal Highway Beach Bus takes you up and down the entire Coastal Highway. See what’s happening beyond the boards.

All-Day Pass: $3 (allows transfers to any Park-N-Ride bus)

 *Seniors & Disabled, half price

**Children under three-and-a-half feet ride FREE



To get beyond the beach, hitch a ride on the Park-N-Ride. This public transportation takes you to even more parts of Ocean City, so you can see more of what the OC has to offer than just the beach.

All-Day Pass: $3


Express “Beach Bus” Shuttle

Ocean City always has tons of great special events happening all season long. The Express “Beach Bus” Shuttle is a service offered when these great happenings are in town. The All-Day Pass lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. on the following day. Enjoy the event to the fullest and still have a way back to your room.

All-Day Pass: $3


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For a full schedule of these 4 forms of Ocean City Public Transportation click here.

You can also learn more about each individual service at the Ocean City official site:

Remember to enjoy your vacation. Have fun and be safe. Don’t drink and drive. Always use public transportation if you don’t have a designated driver.




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