Lost Treasure Golf

Join Professor Duffer A. Hacker on an expedition you won’t forget!

The Fogclift Islands of South America have caves, mountains, waterfalls and a challenging miniature golf adventure. As you proceed through each of the 18 holes, get one step closer to an ancient treasure hidden somewhere on the Island.

The noted explorer, archaeologist, anthropologist, paleontologist, and part-time taxidermist from the University of Chicago, Professor Duffer A. Hacker, led two expeditions to the Fogclift Islands off the coast of South America in the 1930’s. The purpose of these expeditions was to search for ancient gold and diamond mines rumored to be hidden on the Islands. Follow Professor Hacker as you putt your way through an adventurous expedition with mountains, caves, and waterfalls to find gold and diamonds hidden in the mines. We hope you enjoy this Ocean City mini golf course!