Golf Guide for Ocean City, Maryland


Complete Golf Guide While in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City was once known as a beach destination, with a golf course or two on the side. Today, some say it’s the opposite—a golf destination, with a beach or two on the side.

A wide range of difficulties ensures every golfer—from casual to pro—can find their ideal course. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon game, or challenge distinctive fairways, pot bunkers and sand dunes and the ever-present East Coast winds.

Ocean City is also the best place to accommodate a range of prices for every golfer. The area continues to be a destination where the average golfer can plan an outing without having to pay outrageous greens fees.

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In the last 10 years, Ocean City golfing has expanded so much, the whole nation is taking notice. In fact, Golf Digest has added several area courses to its lists of the Best Places to Play and Best New Courses. You’ll also find the 4th best course in Maryland, one of the top five courses in the state and the first Audubon Sanctuary golf course in Maryland all right here in Ocean City.

Another reason Ocean City is the top vacation destination is because it offers plenty amenities for the golfer and plenty of fun activities the whole family can enjoy. Some of the area’s top hotels provide:

  • Heated pools
  • Amusements within the hotel
  • Deluxe fitness centers
  • Game rooms
  • Nearby beaches

Ocean City Golf Getaway provides golfers with one-stop hassle-free shopping for golf vacations. They include a variety of inclusive services-oriented packages with:

  • Hotels
  • Golf package companies
  • Condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • Golf schools and courses
  • Entertainment


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