Shopping the Specialty Stores of Ocean City


Quirky Stores with Unique Merchandise Only In and Around Ocean City!


Photo Credit (from left to right): World of Toys, A Little Bit Sheepish, Toy Town Antiques, Kite Loft, Bleached Butterfly, Seaside Country Store

Photo Credit (from left to right): World of Toys, A Little Bit Sheepish, Toy Town Antiques, Kite Loft, Bleached Butterfly, Seaside Country Store


Ocean City is a great place to vacation! The beautiful beaches and exciting attractions alone are enough to draw visitors from far and wide. Walking distance from the sandy shores, there are tons of shopping excursions that you can make if you need a break from the sun. Your typical beach themed tourist shops are in full supply, but if you’re looking for something a little more original, why not try a locally owned specialty shop? Specialty shops are those unique stores that usually focus on one specific product or category of goods.

From kite suppliers to antique toys to soft yarn, there are interesting shops around every corner ready to be explored. So come back from your Ocean City vacation with original gifts for your friends and family.


Unique Specialty Stores In & Around Ocean City:

A Little Bit Sheepish
2 South Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-1080 • Website

You don’t have to be a knitter or even crafty to appreciate the fine selection of yarns, including local and regional yarn. You could even take a one-day workshop and come back from your vacation with a new skill set!

Bleached Butterfly
3 Pitts Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-1910 • Website

A fun and innovative store that mixes a love for fresh flowers with beautiful home décor. Shop at the terrarium bar or get new and vintage goods. Definitely a place to find a one of a kind item.

The Country House
805 East Main Street, Salisbury MD • (410) 749-1959 • Website

Bring a touch of country to your home décor. This quaint store makes those refreshing, rural odds and ends available to everyone. Whether you like that downhome style, or your tastes tend more toward modern, you’ll be able to find something you love!

K Coast Surf Shop
7805 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 723-3330 • Website

Cool coastal style can be yours! Find a surfin’ style in their apparel section or fun gifts like aromatic soap or some stretch sox for bodyboards. K Coast can even fix that ding on your surfboard.

Kite Loft
511 Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD • (410) 289-7855 • Website

All your high flying needs will be met at the kite loft. Not just a children’s toy anymore, kite flying is great entertainment for all ages! The Kite Loft also offers other aerial and flying toys as well as wind chimes and outdoor decorations.

11 South Main Street #B, Berlin, MD • (410) 629-1030 • Website

A mix of eclectic home goods, both vintage and new. Items that add class and character to any home corner. You can also peruse local artwork and handmade items.

Old Salt Trading Company
2109 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD • (973) 876-7387 • Website

Every seashore town needs an excellent nautically themed store. And for Ocean City, that place is Old Salt Trading Company. Fun clothing and classic sea themed décor, come find it here.

Sea Quest
7603 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-0076 • Website

Want to look your best on the beach? At Sea Quest you will find just your style in swimsuits, cover ups or foot wear. Look positively radiant as you lounge in the sun.

Seaside Country Store
1208 Coastal Highway, Fenwick Island, DE • (302) 539-6110 • Website

Rustic chic is just what you’ll find at this countrified store. Delicious gourmet goodies side by side with unique home good, collectibles and other interesting merchandise. You won’t regret checking it all out.

Senor Cigars
33rd and Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-2069 • Website

With their fragrant aroma and soothing taste, cigars have become something of an art form. Whether you are new to the world of cigars or you’re an on old hand, Senor Cigars experienced staff will help you find exactly what you want.

Sisters Gifts
113 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (443) 513-4158 • Website

The beautiful atmosphere of this shop matches the beauty of the surroundings of the shore not far away. A unique shopping experience allows you to peruse merchandise from designer baby items to gourmet food goods.

Summer House Trading Co.
6701 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD • (443) 664-5336 • Website

A local store with designer brands and everything you could ask for in apparel and gifts. Step in to find beautiful clothes and trendy beach gifts.

Town Center Antiques
1 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 629-1895 • Website

A family owned business seeking to provide the best antiques in Delmarva. From vintage jewelry to beautiful place settings to homemade candles, find something classic and original.

Toy Town Antiques & More
115 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-9370 • Website

Reawaken your childhood by finding the vintage toys you once played with. Or look farther in the past for classic examples of toys from a bygone age. Visiting this original store will be like a visit to a toy museum.

Una Bella Salute
14 Broad Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-2300 • Website

Give a gift that everyone will enjoy, fine olive oils and balsamic vinegar! These premium goods are imported from all over the world to give you a taste of the finer things. They also provide beautiful gift packages, spices, olive wood jewelry and much more!

World of Toys
110 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-0601 • Website

Find toys that will educate as well as entertain your youngsters. Who needs another mindless video game? Allow your kids to expand their minds as they dive into craft sets, home terrariums, classic wood games and more.




A Long Valentine’s Weekend in Ocean City


Nothing Says Romance Like
Valentine’s Day by the Shore



Get Away with Your Special Someone to Ocean City!


This Valentine’s Day will be my boyfriend and my first holiday spent together. I asked him what we should do, and he sweetly replied, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

Valentine’s Day is a chance to get away with the one you love. And this Valentine’s day affords a special opportunity. Although the holiday falls on a Sunday night, the next day, February 15, is President’s day, a Federal holiday. If you and your honey have off work, why not take this opportunity to get away for a long weekend. But sometimes, Valentine’s can cause a lot of anxiety. What should we do? How do we make the most of our quality time?

Ocean City is usually a go-to location for summer vacationers, but this mid-Atlantic region is beautiful all year long. This Valentine’s Day, why not take a trip to the coast, and have a Romantic Getaway.


If you’re not sure how to spend your Valentine’s Weekend in Ocean City, here is my suggestion for the perfect getaway weekend, from Saturday, February 13–Sunday, February 15:


The turn-of-the-century Atlantic Hotel is a romantic rendezvous nestled in Berlin, MD.

The turn-of-the-century Atlantic Hotel is a romantic rendezvous nestled in Berlin, MD.

Find A Romantic Place to Stay

Beautiful and luxurious hotels line the Ocean City boardwalk. And during the offseason, prices will be half as much or more than they are during the peak summer months.

But my suggestion for a secluded and romantic spot is in the nearby town of Berlin, Maryland. A 15-minute drive will take you to a picturesque town, and the historic Atlantic Hotel. You and your love will step back in time to 1895, an era where wooing and romance were of most importance

Atlantic Hotel
2 Nort Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-3589 • Website


 Have a Light Breakfast or Coffee

How often do we have the time to take things slow? Converse on a chilly morning over a steaming cup of coffee. Sit with your spouse and read the morning paper? The good thing about vacationing in the winter is that you don’t have to be go go go the whole time. You can take it slow. What better way to begin than having a gourmet coffee at the Berlin Coffee House or a delicious crepe at Crepes and Crazes.

Here are some breakfast and coffee places worth trying out:

Berlin Coffee House
17 Jefferson Street Berlin, MD • (410) 629-1073 • Website

Coffee Beanery
9403 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-4400 • Website

Crepes and Crazes
1204 Coastal Highway #B, Fenwick Island, DE • (302) 537-1313 • Website

Fractured Prune
9636 Stephen Decatur Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-4688 • Website


Sunday Brunch, Best Meal of the Week

Brunch is my favorite. If you’re like me, and you like to wait to have breakfast till a little later, brunch is the answer. What better way to kick off a Sunday Valentine’s Day than with savory omelets or rich Belgium waffles? Here are a couple of Ocean City restaurants that offer this most important meal.


The Shark on the Harbor
12924 Sunset Avenue West, Ocean City, MD • (410) 213-0924 • Website

Bayside Skillet
77th Street & The Bay, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-7950 • Website


A Romantic Dinner Overlooking the Water

If you’re going to have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Ocean City, then do it right. Get a beautiful waterfront view at O.C. Steamers. Or go to The Shark on the Harbor for a gorgeous view, plus a special Valentine’s Day treat—complementary gift bags and a champagne toast to those who make their reservations by February 7.
Click here to see other romantic Ocean City restaurants.


O.C. Steamers
4517 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD • (410) 524-1018 • Website

The Shark on the Harbor
12924 Sunset Avenue West, Ocean City, MD • (410) 213-0924 • Website



 Stuff to Do with Your Boo                                         

While away from everyday life, why not experience something a little out of the ordinary? Start your morning with couple’s yoga at Zenna Wellness Studio. Then hit the slots at Ocean’s City’s only area Casino, Casino at Ocean Downs. Finally, end your day with a romantic carriage ride on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Or if you need a ride to answer the call of the ocean, head down to Ocean’s City’s 33rd Annual Boat Show, February 12–14, 2016 at the Ocean City Convention Center. See the best sea crafts on the eastern seaboard.

Casino at Ocean Downs
10218 Racetrack Road, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-0600 • Website

Zenna Wellness Studio
10 South Main Street, Berlin, MD • (443) 373-7069 • Website

Valentine’s Horse & Carriage Rides
February 13–14, 2016
Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD • (443) 783-1409 • Website

Ocean’s City’s 33rd Annual Boat Show
February 12–14, 2016
Ocean City Convention Center, 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 632-3676 • Website


Get Your Presents for Pooky

Did you procrastinate buying a gift? That’s okay! Ocean City and the surrounding area have one of a kind small shops, with charm, class and tons of original gifts. You can get the more traditional gifts of candy, jewelry or flowers, or go for something fun and wild.


Candy Shops:

Candy Kitchen
2 Dorchester Street, Ocean City, MD • (410) 289-7600 • Website

Main Street Sweets
116 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 629-1930

Yummy Sweet Shop
8201 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 208-1134 • Website

Jewelry Stores:

D.A. Kozma
9936 Stephen Decatur Highway #10, Ocean City, MD • (800) 882-8827 • Website

Kokkinos Jewelers
11805 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD • (410) 723-1458 • Website

The Treasure Chest
20 North Main Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-0333 • Website


Bleached Butterfly
3 Pitts Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-1910 • Website


Bungalow Love
12 Williams Street, Berlin, MD • (410) 641-2781 • Website

Coconut Bay Trading Company
18 William Street Berlin, MD • (443) 513-4012 • Website

JJ Fish Studio
14 North Main Street, Berlin MD • (410) 641-4805 • Website

18 North Main Street Berlin, MD • (410) 641-4430 • Website




A Day With the Wild Horses at Assateague State Park


Assateague Island: Enjoy a Day of Wild Beauty
My day with the wild horses.

My day with the wild horses.  Bekah 🙂

The wild horses were what drew me to the island on my birthday a few years ago. It was April, and the weather was warm and inviting. My parents and I wandered the nature trails, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the natural beauty, but hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed ponies. We almost gave up hope, when we came to a lookout point. And there they were. Though I had to drive several hours to get to Assateague, that glimpse of horses running free on the marsh made the trip worth it. Their wild beauty awakened something in me that longed for that same freedom.



About 9 miles from Ocean City, is the beautiful island of Assateague. With its wind-swept sandy islands, salty marshes and lush maritime forests, Assateague Island is the perfect escape for anyone wanting to leave the crowds and find themselves their own piece of paradise. And with its close proximity to Ocean City, it is not only conveniently located, but is also a great way to catch some sun and enjoy the salty breeze for a day.

However, there’s one attraction in particular that draws so many people to Assateague: the wild horses freely roaming the island. These horses have survived on the island for decades through every season, and continue to flourish as they adapt to their unique habitat.

So you’ve planned to come to Assateague State Park, but you have a few questions. Here are some things you may be wondering before your visit:


The Wild Horses FAQs



Photo credit:  Robyn Phillips Photography

Photo credit:
Robyn Phillips Photography

How did the wild horses get there?

Only legend and theory can explain how the creatures got here. One theory says that a Spanish galleon wrecked off the coast of the island, and the ponies swam to shore. Another theory is that colonists in the 17th century let the animals loose on the island to avoid livestock taxes.

 Are the wild horses all part of the same herd?

Two herds of horses call the island home—the Chincoteague ponies on the Virginia side and the Assateague ponies on the Maryland side. Each has a herd of approximately 160. Both herds have been living on the island for hundreds of years.

 How big are their herds?

The horses have divided themselves into bands of 2–12 animals, and each band occupies a home range.

 What do the wild horses eat?

Marsh and sand dune grasses, rosehips, bayberry twigs and persimmons supply the bulk of their food.

 Where do the wild horses go during bad weather?

During the cold winter months, the horses develop thick fur coats to keep warm. If there’s a storm, they seek shelter in wooded areas.

What’s the best way to spot wild horses?

The horses roam in the marshes, along the beach and often in the campgrounds, parking areas and roads. Some can be seen from your car as you’re driving, or you may want to rent a kayak for a closer view. There are also pony-viewing tours available where guests experience a guided tour of the island and get a close-up view of the horses.

 How is the population of ponies controlled?

In Maryland, some female horses undergo a contraceptive vaccine administered through a dart gun, reducing high pregnancy rates with no harmful side effects.

In Virginia, the horses are rounded up as part of the Annual Pony Swim in Chincoteague. They swim across the Assateague Channel where an auction takes place to reduce their numbers on Assateague. After, many foals are sold. The remaining herd swims back to Assateague a couple days later.

 Is it okay to try to pet one of the horses?

While these quiet creatures look tame, they are still wild animals and should never be petted or fed. For your own protection and the protection of the horses, keep a safe distance. Every year, visitors are kicked, bitten and knocked down because they get too close.



Assateague State Park FAQs




What other wildlife are on Assateague Island?

Although the wild horses are amazing to watch, there are plenty of other wildlife residing on the island. You will have the chance to witness waterfowl, deer, all types of birds, crabs and more.

What activities are there to do in Assateague State Park?

The Assateague State Park is the perfect destination for a family getaway with endless activities. Offering two miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches and beautiful marsh areas, the park is known for:

-Unspoiled beaches
-Nature trails & a bike trail
-Boat launch/marina
-Nature programs
-Nature Center

Can I fish on the island?

If you wish to fish on the island, make sure you have your fishing license and be prepared to pay a small fee for parking. You can fish on both the beach itself and at the marina pier.

Is there camping?

If you are having so much fun you don’t want to leave, stay the night! 250 sites are available for camping, each having its own fire ring and picnic table. Reservations are required March–November and can be made up to six months in advance.

Are there special activities for kids?

The kids can get involved by becoming members of the Junior Beach Patrol for the day.

Where can I find more information about Assateague Island and the horses?

On your way to your island escape, visit the Barrier Island Visitor Center on the southern side of Route 611 before the Verrazano Bridge park entrance. Find information about the park, programs and recreational activities plus exhibits on beachcombing, nature films, a marine aquarium and a touch tank.

Click here to visit their website or call 410-641-1441.


2015 December Holiday Events in Ocean City


Just because it’s a little bit chilly, doesn’t mean the boardwalk shuts down. Check out the holiday events in Ocean City to see what a seaside Christmas looks like.


Come to Ocean City to participate in amazing holiday events.

Come to Ocean City to experience amazing holiday events.











Santa knows where to go for a beachfront vacation. Come see him and many other special holiday events in Ocean City, Maryland this December!


2015 December Holiday Events in Ocean City, MD

Winterfest of Lights

When: Daily, through Jan. 3 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Northside Park, 125th Street, Bayside, Ocean City, MD

Cost: $5 for guests 12 years and older; FREE for guests 11 & under

Step into the magic of the holiday season at Winterfest of Lights. Holiday goodies abound in a heated a pavilion. Santa awaits to greet the kiddos. Or you can board the Winterfest Express, a train which gives you the best view of the millions of twinkling lights.

Horse & Carriage Rides with Santa

When: Saturdays & Sundays, through Dec. 27 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Where: The Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD

Cost: $10 per person

“Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!” If  snow isn’t a possibility for a holiday sleigh ride, come to Ocean City for a horse-drawn carriage ride with Santa!

A Very Merry Main Street

When: Saturdays, Jan. 12 & 19 from noon–3 p.m.

Where: Main Street, Berlin, MD

Cost: FREE

Come to the coolest small town in America for a charming Christmas experience for the whole family! Meet your favorite Christmas characters, including Jolly Old St. Nick. Or hop onto a horse drawn carriage to see the storefront windows decorated for the holidays.

Windows at the Firehouse

When: Sunday, Dec. 13 from 4–7 p.m.

Where: Pocomoke City Fire Department, 1410 Market St, Pocomoke City, MD

Cost: FREE

What’s better than Santa making his appearance in a helicopter? Come out to experience the joy of the season, with holiday goodies, cheery window displays and an enchanting toy train track. You can also leave your letters for Santa in his mailbox—he’ll even write you back!

A Christmas Cabaret 

When: Sunday, Dec. 13 from 2–3 p.m.

Where: Ocean City Performing Arts Center, 4001 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD

Cost: $6

Local children will give audiences performances filled with holiday cheer! The Red Doors Community Center is showcasing songs, dances and dramatic presentations with holiday flair.

Walk Through Bethlehem 2015

When: Dec. 11–13 &  Dec. 18–20 from 6–9 p.m.

Where: 1200 Lynnhaven Drive, Pocomoke, MD

Cost: FREE

The reason for the season comes alive in Walk Through Bethlehem, an interactive nativity scene. Lynnhaven Baptist Church goes back in time 2,000 years to become Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. Come be one of the 25,000 visitors who have already experienced this outdoor, exciting event.

Winter Wonderland

When: Saturday, Dec. 19 from 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

Where: Ward Museum, 909 South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury, MD

Cost: FREE

The Ward Museum is bedecked with holiday warmth! Come enjoy a day of art, crafts for young and old and holiday edibles. You might even see the Man in Red!

Christmas PJ Party at the Mar-Va Theater

When: Saturday, Dec. 19 at 10 a.m.

Where: Mar-Va Theater, 103 Market Street, Pocomoke City, MD

Cost: $7

Bring the kiddos, and dress comfy and warm to a special showing of “The Polar Express.” Ticket price includes the cost of admission, a kid sized popcorn and drink voucher. Or you can BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug) for a yummy hot chocolate bar. Your kids will feel like they’ve stepped into the movie.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

When: Thursday, Dec. 31

Where: Northside Park, 125th Street, Ocean City, MD

Cost: FREE

Bring in the new year with a bang! Come to Northside Park early to enjoy the Winterfest of Lights. Then at midnight on the dot, “ooh” and “aah” as Ocean City lights up the sky with fireworks.

2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week


Try a new restaurant with the dining deals during the 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week!


2015 fall ocean city restaurant week

Try something new during the 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week!

Sure we all love venturing to new restaurants, but sometimes it can get pricey! 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week spans two weeks of dining deals! Participating restaurants offer fixed menu options with affordable fixed prices. Depending on the restaurant, they may offer lunch or dinner dining deals.

Your Guide to the 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week


Sunday October 11—Sunday October 25


All over Ocean City


Varies on restaurant. Deals range from $10–$40

Tips for the 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week


  • Look at the fixed menus ahead of time.
  • Make sure to make a reservation. Year after year, 2015 Fall Ocean City Restaurant Week is a highly anticipated event, so there’s likely to be a wait time if you don’t plan ahead.
  • The fixed prices do not include tax, gratuity or alcohol.


Participating Restaurants

Captain’s Table

15th Street & Ocean in the Marriott Courtyard Ocean City MD 21842

(410) 289-7192

Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille, The Original

116th Street & Coastal Hwy Ocean City MD 21842


Longboard Café

6701 Coastal Highway Ocean City Maryland 21842


The Hobbit Restaurant

121 81st Street Ocean City MD 21842


Have any questions?

Contact the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association

Location: 5700 Coastal Hwy #302 Ocean City, MD 21842

Call: 410-289-6733 or 1-800-626-2326


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Fine Dining Seafood Restaurants in Ocean City, MD

End of Summer Activities


September is the perfect time to check off those end of summer Ocean City activities!


boating end of summer ocean city

Boating is just one of the end of summer activities to check off while in Ocean City!

Just because it’s September doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all of the exciting end of summer Ocean City activities! Though the cooler weather may be trickling in there’s still opportunities for that last round of golf, maybe your first ride on the jetovator or an evening to dine on the patio of one of our fabulous restaurants here in Ocean City. Here’s the guide to making sure you soak up this last bit of summer in Ocean City!

Guide to End of Summer Ocean City Activities

4 Beautiful Golf Courses

Unique Outdoor Activities (hello jetovator and parasailing!)

Outdoor Activities (think kayaking, canoeing and more!)

Amusement and Theme Parks

5 Boating Opportunities

Yes, there’s still time to get out on the water!

Outdoor Dining Spots

Ocean City Summer Activities

Ocean City Summer Activities

Read on:

Farmers Markets Near Ocean City

Golfing Near Ocean City, MD


There’s nothing quite like golfing near Ocean City, MD! Check out these spectacular golf courses with the most breaktaking views!


golfing near ocean city md

Golfing near Ocean City, MD.

The Bay Club 

14,000 yards make up the two beautiful courses of The Bay Club! The magnificent fairways are blanketed with bentgrass, crenshaw bentgrass and the area’s only zoysia grass here at The Bay Blub! The peaceful views of the glistening lakes and natural surroundings make golfing at The Bay Club one of a kind!

Book your tee time now by clicking here!

WHERE: 9122 Libertytown Road Berlin, MD

CONTACT: 410-641-4081 / Website

SAVE: Click here for $5 OFF a round of golf!

Read more about The Bay Club here.

golf ball and putter near ocean city md

Golfing near Ocean City, MD.

Bayside Golf Club 

The first Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in Delaware, Bayside Golf Club is just 4 miles from the beach! Featuring a variety of stunning views from the marshland to the open fairways, a day of golfing spent with Bayside is truly a unique experience! Individual private lessons are also offered.

Book your tee time now by clicking here!

WHERE: 31806 Lakeview Drive, Selbyville, DE

CONTACT: 302-436-3400 / Website

SAVE: Click here for $10 OFF a round of golf!

Read more about Bayside Golf Club here.

Deer Run Golf Club 

A par 73-championship golf course, Deer Run Golf Club features 5,000 square feet of Bermuda grass in their driving range, a 19-hole professional course, golfing lessons and so much more! Surrounded by 6 multi-acre lakes, Deer Run Golf Club is a little slice of heaven for its guests!

Click here for rates!

WHERE: 8804 Logtown Road Berlin, MD

CONTACT: 410-629-0060 / Website

SAVE: Click here for a FREE warm up bucket of range balls!

Read more about Deer Run Golf Club here.

Bear Trap Dunes

27 holes of sheer natural beauty lined by wetland grasses await you at Bear Trap! Find four sets of tees and oversized greens at one of the most memorable golf courses on the Eastern Shore!

WHERE: 7 Clubhouse Drive Ocean View, DE

CONTACT: 302-537-5600 / Website

SAVE: Click here for $10 OFF a round of golf!

Read more about Bear Trap Dunes here.

Ocean city golf

Ocean city golf

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Golf Guide for Ocean City, Maryland


Unique Outdoor Activities Near Ocean City, MD


Go to new heights with these unique outdoor activities near Ocean City, MD!


parasailing unique outdoor activities ocean city md

Parasailing is just one of the may unique outdoor activities near Ocean City, MD you must try!

Chesapeake Flyboarding

39084 Harpoon Road, Fenwick Island, DE / 1-888-2GETWET/ Website

Fly solo or grab a pal for this one-of-a-kind experience! Flyboarding is described as a sport that combines wakeboarding, surfing, kite flying and jet skiing! But don’t worry, lessons are available. Click here for a $10 OFF coupon!

Read more about Chesapeake Flyboarding here.

Not sure what it’s like? View the video:

OC Jetovator

5303 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD / 410-524-0209/ Website

Did you know that OC Jetovator is the first vertical watersports company in Ocean City? Get ready for a thrilling day on one of their jetovators or hoverboards! Flight instruction is included.

Read more about OC Jetovator here.

Not sure what it’s like? View the video:

OC Parasail

2 locations: 5311 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland & 312 Talbot Street, Ocean City, Maryland

410-723-1464 / Website

It’s all about preference when it comes to parasailing over the ocean or bay! Soar up to 800 feet in the air above their four brand new boats! Click here to save up to $20 off your ride!

Not sure what it’s like? View this video:

Ocean city outdoor activities

Ocean city outdoor activities


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Water Activities in Ocean City Maryland


Outdoor Activities Near Ocean City, MD


Just outside of the bustling boardwalk area, there’s plenty of outdoor activities near Ocean City, MD!


canoe outdoor activities near ocean city MD

Canoeing along the bay is just one of the many outdoor activities near Ocean City, MD.

Outdoor Activities Near Ocean City, MD


Located 1 mile north of Ocean City on Coastal Hwy. (Rt. 1)

Hours depend on weather//Call 302-539-7999


It’s easy to have outdoor fun near Ocean City, MD with Coastal Kayak! Choose a kayak or stand up paddle board, and cruise on one of the many professionally guided eco-tours in the bay. Find salt marsh trails on the Burton’s Island Wildlife Tour or Assateague Back Bay Pony Tour, then paddle along the freshwater pond during the Bald Cypress Tour! Sailboat rentals are also available!

SAVE: Here’s a coupon for $5 OFF any guided eco-tour or 2-hour on-site rental!


8628 Grey Fox Lane Berlin, MD

Open Monday—Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Call: 888-602-6288


When you want a quieter afternoon away from the Ocean City Boardwalk, escape to the coastal bays of Maryland with Ayers Creek Adventures. Take a guided eco-tour with their rental kayaks, canoes or stand up paddleboards, and get ready to experience a variety of bay wildlife from white-tailed deer to otters and herons!

SAVE: Here’s a coupon for $5 OFF any tour or $2 OFF rentals!


38960 Island Street, Fenwick Island, DE

Call for hours//302-539-1644


Go-karting just got better! Have you heard of their brand new slick track? Race in the “Dragon Slayer,” “Turbo,” “Overdrive,” or “The Black Widow,” in Viking Go-Karts’ single and double go-karts! The Viking Theme Park also has miniature golf and a Thunder Lagoon Waterpark (during their on-season)!

SAVE: Here’s a coupon for up to $5 OFF miniature golf!


909 S. Schumaker Dr., Salisbury, MD

Hours are Mon.—Sat. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun. from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Call: 410-742-4988


Just 30 minutes west of Ocean City, MD lies the treasure that is Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Take in the fresh air on one of their nature trails, pause and view wildlife from the observation deck and be amazed at the internationally acclaimed sculpture and paintings in the new sculpture garden!

SAVE: Here’s a coupon for up to $6 OFF admission to the museum!

Ocean City Boardwalk Activities

Ocean City Boardwalk Activities

Read on:

Amusement and Theme Parks in Ocean City


Amusement and Theme Parks in Ocean City, MD


Looking for amusement and theme parks in Ocean City, MD? Check out all the fun that happens at the boardwalk and beyond!

The fun truly never stops when you’re in Ocean City! Amusement and theme parks in Ocean City, MD come in all shapes and sizes—each with a different backdrop to give you the true Ocean City experience! Head to the Boardwalk to find Trimper’s Rides and a marveling carousel! Baja Amusements hosts a challenging mini golf course! Step into true western territory when you get to Frontier Town where you’ll get the opportunity to see wild west shows as well as take horse and carriage rides! Jolly Rogers is not to be missed as you must see their giant ferris wheel! Find out more information below as well as coupon opportunities!


Amusement and Theme Parks in Ocean City, MD

Trimper’s Rides

S. First Street and The Boardwalk


With over 100 rides, Trimper’s is not to be missed! Find the oldest carousel in the nation, many thrilling and family rides, as well as games. It’s truly perfect for the whole family!

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Baja Amusements

12639 Ocean Gateway (Rt. 50)


More than just rides, you’ll find all sorts of activities perfect for all ages! There’s an 18-hole mini golf course, 8 go-kart tracks, an arcade and so much more!

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Frontier Town

8430 Stephen Decatur Hwy. in Berlin (Located just over 5 miles from Ocean City)

Western Theme Park: 410-641-0057

Water Park: 410-641-0693

Get ready for a day of full-fledged adventure at Frontier Town! Grab your suit and head to their water park, play a round of golf, brave the high ropes adventure park and zip lines and more!

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Jolly Roger

Two locations: 30th Street and At the Pier


Each location offers a variety of exciting rides, so be sure to visit each! The 30th Street location offers scenic train trips, bumper cars, a free circus and more! Then at the Pier location you’ll find a 2-level carousel, ferris wheel, speed world and more!

Read about the Pier location here.

Read about the 30th Street location here.

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