Eco-Friendly Activities in Ocean City, Maryland


Ways to Go Green in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City is brimming with life on and off the beaches. Explore the world of eco-friendly activities that Ocean City has to offer away from the hustle and bustle.

beach pier at sunset

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Begin your green gallivanting with a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk. With nearly three miles of vendors, arcades, boutiques and ocean vistas, your experience will be packed with variety and fun.


It would almost be an insult to the shores of Ocean City to visit without at least dipping your toes in the Atlantic seas. Grab a board and hang ten! Don’t have your own board? Rent one from a surf shop, of course!


The Maryland Coastal Bays Program works diligently to improve water quality, protect the habitat and enhance the region’s forests and wetlands. Through education and outreach programs, members align themselves with the community to inform the public on ways to improve the quality of life.

The non-profit organization protects the 175-mile watershed that houses natural treasures such as the St. Martin River, Newport Bay, Assawoman Bay, Isle of Wright Bay and Chincoteague Bay.


Ocean City is home to all kinds of different ecological settings teeming with life. Nearly 350 species of birds have been recorded in the surrounding county. Take quick 9-mile trip south and head into pony territory on Assateague Island!

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Ping Pong Summer Movie Filmed in Ocean City


Ocean City Film, Ping Pong Summer

These are the simple elements that make audiences fall in love with the 2014 film, Ping Pong Summer, set in Ocean City in the summer of 1985. It’s about a 13-year-old boy, Rad Miracle, who is in love with hip hop and ping pong. His life changes during a summer vacation to the seaside town as he experiences his first real crush, becomes the target of racist local bullies and finds an unexpected mentor .

The graininess of the cinematography and soft edges used in the film create the nostalgic vintage film look that perfectly matches the feel of the movie, and the pop-driven soundtrack will be stuck in your head for days.

Director Michael Tully filmed the entire movie in Ocean City as a heartwarming homage to the beautiful beach town of his childhood. Tully grew up in Mount Airy, Maryland and spent many a vacation in Ocean City–experiences that began to inspire the writing of Ping Pong Summer when the director was in high school.

While the movie features well-known stars Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris, John Hannah and Lea Thompson, the roles of the kids were all filled by local actors from Maryland and Virginia.

Tully sincerely wanted to maintain the authenticity of the area and the honest feelings of adolescence through his cast and was therefore intent on locally casting the teenagers.

Ping Pong Summer has been widely received by audiences so far and is a 2014 Sundance Film Festival selection as well as a 2014 SXSW Film Festival selection. The coming-of-age comedy will be in theaters and Nationwide on Demand June 6.

It has been Tully’s hope that the film will show the world the magic of Ocean City while also telling an uplifting tale about ping pong, hip hop and growing up.

“…Ping Pong Summer is still a lingering, entertaining glance back at an era that Americans just can’t seem to get enough of, whether in music or movies.” –The Hollywood Reporter

Fun Things To Do in Historic Downtown Ocean City


 Fun Things To Do in Historic Downtown Ocean City

From 4th Street to the Inlet, you’ll find a thriving and constantly improving district with shopping, attractions, accommodations and more in historic downtown. For visitors, downtown Ocean City offers a wonderful shopping experience, with everything from used books and clocks to art and home accessories.

Specialty jewelry shops and souvenir stands dot the charming streets of downtown Ocean City. Quieter and more serene, the area is ideal for an afternoon stroll or mid-day break from the beach.

path to the beach

Many visitors enjoy spending a whole day downtown while:

  • Partaking in leisurely activities
  • Visiting a quirky museum
  • Spending a nostalgically wonderful afternoon on amusement rides
  • Sampling candy from the local shops
  • Buying a unique assortment of souvenirs to take home

One of the most popular reasons to visit downtown is the spectacular assortment of seafood, pizza, authentic Italian and Irish cuisines found here.

Stop in for a fruity drink at one of the beach bars where the atmosphere is casual and the folks are always friendly, or celebrate a night on the town in a fine dining restaurant complete with delectable selections and sensational desserts.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing what to eat or if you’ve got a picky diner in your bunch, opt for one of the many scrumptious seafood buffets with various items to please every palate.


5 Things To Know About Ocean City, Maryland Seafood


All You Need to Know About Seafood in Ocean City, Maryland

Freshly Cooked Crabs Sprinkled with Old Bay

Freshly Cooked Crabs Sprinkled with Old Bay

Wondering what fresh catch you might find on vacation? Here are a few ideas:

1. Blue Crab

The pride of Maryland. This tasty menu item is sought out by tourists and locals alike and is mainly available from April through December. The season for soft shell variety ends a few months earlier, in October. That means, during the summer months, you’ll find crab on almost ever menu in Ocean City, in an infinite array of presentations.

2. Cooked Crabs

The classic way of cooking crabs, which gives them their signature flavor, involves steaming the live crabs in large pots with water, vinegar and Old Bay seasoning. Many restaurants will substitute or add ingredients to give their crabs a unique flavor. Of course, pasteurized crabmeat is available all year.

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3. Rockfish

Striped bass, or rockfish, is another Maryland legend. As the official state fish, striped bass is a deliciously moist fish that area restaurants can cook up in a multitude of ways. The mild flavor is usually complemented by many added spices, herbs or sauces and grilled, blackened or broiled. The best season for the popular fish is during the fall and winter months, when they migrate south from New England.

4. Tautog

Tautog is often plentiful in the area surrounding Ocean City, and because of ts lean, firm and tasty meat, it is a popular menu item and choice for the “Catch of the Day.” The main fishing season for tautog is May through September, but anglers still manage to reel them in year-round.

5. Flounder

This popular fish is found in the bay during the summer (June through September) and in the ocean all year long. Flaky and delicate, flounder is a mild fish that can be prepared in a myriad of ways, but for the most part, you’ll find this tasty fish pan-fried to perfection. During the summer, you’ll find many other fish on the menu or specials board, including Spanish mackerel and bluefish.

Always check for specials for the freshest catch and innovative chef’s creations. Bon appetit!

Places to Dine in Ocean City, Maryland


There are plenty of places to dine in Ocean City, Maryland!

Vacation—the one time of the year you can forget about your alarm clock, lay in the sun all day, go shopping without a list, and, most importantly, indulge in some truly mouth-watering culinary delights, every night of the week.

From gourmet dishes to good old-fashioned boardwalk food, you will most certainly be satisfied with the places to dine in Ocean City, Maryland.

thrasher's fries

Ocean City’s Famous Boardwalk Fries

From the boardwalk to the bay and beyond, you’ll find everything from family-owned restaurants that have withstood the test of time to new innovative establishments with unique menus. You will also find:

  • Waterfront settings perfect for a sunset cocktail
  • Fine dining restaurants serving succulent steaks
  • Endless buffets featuring everything from crabs to cookies—great for the kids!
  • Tropical-themed outdoor cafes and open-air bars

Looking to spark a little romance? Just head to one of Ocean City’s gourmet restaurants where expert chefs create beautiful plates using the bounty of local ingredients. Toast to summer as you watch another amazing Ocean City sunset melt behind the bay.

From pizza to Thai, steak houses to tiki bars, there is a stunning variety of places to dine in Ocean City. But what most local restaurants have in common is a focus on quality atmosphere, good service and local flavors, such as the famous Chesapeake Bay crabs, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, and fresh veggies from the many farms of Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore.

Perhaps the best part of Ocean City’s dining is that you don’t have to sacrifice atmosphere for a good meal. Both come standard at area eateries, many of which offer beautiful sweeping ocean or bay views and outdoor seating.

Dig your toes into the sand as you sip on a cold beverage at one of the beachfront restaurants, or enjoy the sunset and live music from a bay-front eatery.

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Fun Activities Off the Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk


Fun Activities in Ocean City, Maryland Don’t Just Happen on the Boardwalk

While Ocean City’s award-winning boardwalk is a “must” on your list of vacation activities, don’t be afraid to venture off the boardwalk and enjoy other fun activities in Ocean City! Whether you are at the Bayside, on the Westside or Northside or enjoying the city’s Midtown, your experience will be filled with fun and memories.

beach pier


Ocean City has a number of parks with all types of activities available. If you still want to walk the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk, head over to Inlet Park, located on the southern-most end of Ocean City. This park has a boardwalk that overlooks Assateague Island.

Work on your digs and aces at Dorchester Beach Volleyball Park, located between Dorchester and Talbot Streets. Grab a friend and use one of the 10 public courts available for play during summer daylight hours.

For the anglers in your group, grab some bait and visit the Ninth Street Fishing Pier at Ninth Street and the bay. Several of the parks also feature tennis courts, walking trails, basketball courts and ball fields.

The Ocean Bowl Skate Park is alive with activity at Third Street and St. Louis Avenue. Skateboarders and inline skaters can flaunt their abilities on 17,000 square feet of concrete, complete with hit walls, ramps and a small bowl. Whether you’re there to show off your skills or just to watch the spectacle, this park is definitely one to see.

Sunset Park, one of Ocean City’s newest attractions, is full of walking paths and lush landscapes. Located on South Division Street, Sunset Park offers guests a chance to take in the sights, crab, fish and enjoy some of Ocean City’s most beautiful scenery.

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More Family-Friendly Activites in Ocean City


There are plenty of fun family-friendly activities in Ocean City!

Calling all budding artists of all ages! Jeffery Auxer Designs offers lessons and classes to learn the basics of glassblowing. For a truly unique activity, visit the blown glass and fine art studio, located on Jefferson Street in Berlin. You can witness:

  • The beauty of blown glass
  • Browse the gift shop
  • Make your very own glass piece

In search of live music and theater while on vacation? Be entertained at the OC Jamboree, an art music theater located in West Ocean City. Celebrating its 15th season this year, the OC Jamboree is home to fun and family-friendly shows.

Ocean City has many unique and challenging mini-gold courses, including Lost Treasure Golf, which promises a golf adventure to every visitor. Aim for a hole-in-one through caves, waterfalls and bridges.

Old Pro Golf is one of Ocean City’s longest-running mini-golf courses with seven courses across Ocean City, including two indoor courses. All of the courses have different and elaborate themes.

golf course

The Viking Golf Theme Park also offers an adventurous min-golf experience but with a one-of-a-kind theme—mythological Scandinavia. As you golf, you can learn about Viking history, solve a riddle and imagine the Vikings’ battle with a two-headed dragon.

Also onsite is the Thunder Lagoon Waterpark, which features 2,800-feet of water fun for the whole family, including six water slides, three pools and interactive water props.

Other fun and exciting activities include:

  • OC Paintball and Sports Center– Ages 10 and up are welcome to play day or night on 11 acres of lighted field. The shop offers rentals, sales and a certified gun tech onsite at all times.
  • Cloud Dancer– Climb aboard one of the red biplanes to experience breathtaking sights.
  • Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art– Located in Salisbury, just a short drive from the OC Boardwalk, featuring the most comprehensive collection of wildfowl carvings in the world.

There are many places to go and things to do in Ocean City, from the boardwalk to the Bay and well beyond.

Activities Appropriate For All Ages


There are plenty of activities for all ages available in good ol’ Ocean City, Maryland!

path to the beach


There are loads of attractions all around Ocean City. The Boardwalk is home to many of the amusements and attractions, including Trimper’s Rides. Trimper’s has more than 100 rides, including a famous 1902 Herschel-Spellman antique carousel featuring hand-carved wooden animals. Established in 1887, Trimper’s is a long-time Ocean City favorite and has been a family-friendly attraction for years. With its old-fashioned feel, Trimper’s has all the classic amusement rides like bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, tea cups, roller coasters, a haunted house, a tilt-a-whirl and much more.

The pier at the Boardwalk is home to one part of Ocean City’s largest amusement park, Jolly Roger at the Pier. Get a bird’s eye view from the area’s tallest carousel, and try out some of Ocean City’s exciting, family-friendly amusement rides like the Slingshot, which shoots you into the air like a cannonball.The original Jolly Roger at 30th Street offers even more rides as well as traditional midway games and an antique train circa 1952. Buy an armband and enjoy unlimited rides at both parks for one low price.

Other family-friendly activities include:

  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum– Features more than 500 bizarre exhibits from around the world.
  • Flashback Old Time Photos– Three locations. Dress up as saloon girls, pirates, gangsters and cowboys and then have the photos to prove it,
  • Go-karting- An activity that unites both kids and adults. Let the kids get behind the wheel for the day and challenge each other to a race.
  • Bike World– Rent all types of bicycles, whether you are looking for comfort or speed. Tandem, surrey and beach cruiser bikes are all available!

A taste of the Old West is never too far away in Ocean City due to the popular western theme park at Frontier Town. Explore the replica western town circa 1880, and meet some colorful characters like cowboys, indians and can-can girls. Then head over to the adjacent water park to float along the Lazy River, slide down a variety of water slides or play 18 holes of mini-golf. Be sue to also check out the high ropes adventure at Frontier Town.

If this isn’t enough to fill your days on vacation, check out more activities that are offered in Ocean City!

5 Must-Do Activities on the Boardwalk


You Must Try These Ocean City Boardwalk Activities!

path to the beach

1. Take a morning bike ride
Rent a beach cruiser or bring your own to enjoy a breezy bike ride down the boardwalk. There’s no better way to wake up and start the day. Bikes are allowed on the boardwalk from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day, so wake early and start peddling!

2. Indulge in some fries
Put your healthy mindset aside (just for today), and give in to the intoxicating aroma of freshly cooked boardwalk fries. Sprinkle a little salt—and vinegar is a must—and take a bite of the boardwalk’s most prized food staple.

3. Take a historic ride
One of the oldest fixtures on the boardwalk is the Hershel-Spellman carousel, dating back to 1902. In fact, it’s the country’s oldest continuously operating carousel and features two tiers of elaborately carved and painted animals. Find the kid in you and let him or her out during a nostalgic ride.

4. Learn about days gone by
Ocean City’s fascinating history can be recounted at the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum. Explore their current exhibits and tour the museum to go back in time for the day.

5. Cool off in the best way imaginable
When’s the last time you had a good, old-fashioned ice cream cone? Stop in a boardwalk shop to choose a flavor and eat it before it starts to drip!

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