5 Must-Try Eateries in Ocean City


Check out these must-try eateries while vacationing in Ocean City!


If you have ever been to Ocean City, then you know that agreeing on a place to eat isn’t easy. There are so many to-die-for restaurants in the area that you can’t just eat out once. From the ever so popular crab dishes to the famous boardwalk fries, you can’t go wrong with Ocean City dining.

Although it was tough to narrow it down, here are just 6 out of many restaurants that you MUST try while vacationing in The White Marlin Capital of the World.

Steamed Crabs

Steamed Crabs

1. Fish Tales
A family-friendly hub right alongside the Swordfish Basin in Bahia Marina. With menus packed with locals favorites, this eatery offers dishes for both the seafood and fresh farm lovers. And let’s not forget about the drinks! From frozen treats to summertime sippers, there is plenty of to choose from to sip on while overlooking the bay.

Located at 2207 Herring Way on 22nd Street


2. Crab Bag
Crab Bag selects and grades each crab by hand for size and weight to ensure their products are extremely fresh and the highest quality for serving. This fast-growing eatery offers all-you-can eat deals, fajitas, BBQ, famous macaroni & cheese, gourmet burgers, deli sandwiches, a kids menu and so much more!

Located on 130th Street and Coastal Highway


3. Dead Freddies Island Grill
Dead Freddies is the perfect place to bring the whole family because there is a Pirate Playground located nearby the seating area for your kids to play in while you relax and enjoy your meal. Reviews run wild about the Chesapeake Old Bay wings offered here, along with a number of other items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Located on 105 64th Street Bayside


4. Thrasher’s Fries
Only in Ocean City can you find Thrasher’s Fries—or the moved craved fries in the nation for that matter! As most visitors first stop, this fry joint located in three different places throughout Ocean City has only been passed down through one set of hands in the past 80 years.

Indulge in the goodness at one of these locations: At The Pier, 2nd Street & Boardwalk, or 8th Street & Boardwalk

5. Hooked
Their motto being, “fresh. honest. local.,” Hooked definitely lives up to their promise. The food is always delicious and, of course, is all local products in which the taste proves their freshness. With a full bar located on the second floor including its own menu and dinner specials offered year-round, you will most definitely be hooked on Hooked!

Located on 8003 Coastal Highway

Ocean City, Maryland Fishing


Grab your rod and reel and experience fishing in Ocean City, Maryland

Fishing is a defining part of the history of Ocean City, as it has been one of the major commercial and recreational pursuits for hundreds of years. The recreational fishing industry in Ocean City is so popular, in fact, that it has earned the title “White Marlin Capital of the World.”

To celebrate this title, Ocean City holds an annual White Marlin Open fishing tournament, the world’s largest billfish tournament, in August. This event can be as fun and exciting for spectators as it is for anglers.

All fish are weighed on the official scale at Harbour Island, and the weigh-ins are held each day of the festival and open to the public free of charge.

fish caught

Caught Flounder

As popular as the white marlin is, it’s just one of a numerous variety of fish that can be caught in Ocean City. The Gulf Stream is a short distance off shore and is full of large fish like tuna, mako, dolphin and more. The larger fish feed in and around the canyons of the Gulf Stream and haunt the relics of sunken ships and artificial reefs looking to make a snack out of smaller fish.

There are dozens of charter boats that offer full-day, off-shore fishing adventures, afternoon trips or even night fishing. Area captains know the best spots to drop a line, so you’ll be reeling in a big one in no time. Most charters supply bait, rods, tackle and ice to keep your catch cold.

Brought your own boat? Click here!

Fishing Tournament Schedule in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland Fishing Tournament Schedule

fish caught

Caught Flounder

19th Annual Mid-Atlantic Mako Mania Shark Tournament
June 5–7: Bahia Marina. 410-289-7473

34th Annual Ocean City Shark Tournament
June 12–14: Ocean City Fishing Center, 410-213-2442

26th Annual MSSA Tuna-Ment
June 19–21: Sunset Marina. 410-255-5535

35th Annual Small Boat Tournament
June 19–21: OC Marlin Club. 410-213-1613

33rd Annual Canyon Kick-Off
July 3-5: OC Marlin Club. 410-213-1613

28th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament
July 10–12: Ocean City Fishing Center /Sunset Marina. 410-213-1121

11th Annual Marlin Club Kid’s Classic
July 17-19: OC Marlin Club. 410-213-1613

6th Annual Marlin Club Ladies Tournament
July 30-August 1: OC Marlin Club, 410-213-1613

42nd Annual White Marlin Open
August 3-7: Harbour Island Marina, 410-289-9229

21st Annual Capt. Steve Harman Poor Girl’s Open
August 13–15: Bahia Marina. 410-289-7473

24th Annual Mid-Atlantic Tournament
August 16-21: Cape May NJ /Sunset Marina. 410-213-9600

57th Annual Labor Day White Marlin Tournament
September 3–6: OC Marlin Club. 410-213-1613

10th Annual Flounder Pounder
Sept. 13: Bahia Marina. 410-289-7473

37th Annual Challenge Cup
Sept. 18–19: OC Marlin Club. 410-213-1613

35th Annual Mid-Atlantic Surf Fishing Tournament
Oct. 1-3: Ocean City, MD. 410-957-4516

16th Annual Rocktoberfest Tournament
Oct. 10-11: Bahia Marina. 410-289-7473

Fresh Food in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City’s local food scene steals the show at area restaurants

The art of food has been an important tradition in Maryland’s kitchens for generations, stemming from family dinners centered on freshly-caught seafood and recently harvested veggies and evolving into culinary masterpieces which still feature local faire as the main attraction. Chefs understand that vacation is the one time of year that you can get away without having a care in the world. Because of this, they want to make food and your dining experience in Ocean City memorable.

Juicy, red tomatoes, cool, crisp cucumbers and plump blueberries create a delicious rainbow of flavor when proudly displayed at a local farm market. If you’ve visited during the summer months, perhaps you’ve visited one of the farmers markets in Ocean City and Berlin and possibly even stopped to snag some of the precious bounty provided by area growers. Here you’ll see an abundance of fresh goodies, including vibrant yellow squash, zucchini, sweet corn, okra, butter beans, grapes, luscious watermelon and cantaloupe, peaches, an assortment of berries, herbs and so much more.

Ocean City’s “Shore Fresh” Farmers Market is open May through October, and the Berlin Farmers’ Market is open all year-round, allowing visitors to sample all sorts of local treats that burst onto the scene well after summertime. Some of the favorites here are sweet potatoes, acorn and butternut squash, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, collards, kale and wild mushrooms.

Let’s not forget the main attraction that draws folks from all around to Maryland’s shores: the fresh bounty of seafood. Blue Crab, the pride of Maryland and tasty menu item sought out by tourists and locals alike, is mainly available from April through December. The season for the soft shell variety ends a few months earlier, in October. That means during the summer months, you’ll find crab on almost every menu in Ocean City, in an infinite array of presentations. The classic way of cooking crabs, which gives them their signature flavor, is to steam the crabs in large pots with water, vinegar and Old Bay seasoning. Many restaurants will substitute or add ingredients to give their crabs a unique flavor.

Striped bass, or rockfish, is another Maryland legend. As the official state fish, striped bass is a deliciously moist fish that area restaurants can cook up in a multitude of ways. The mild flavor is usually complemented by added spices, herbs or sauces and grilled, blackened or broiled. While you’ll probably find striped bass on the menu all year, the best season for the popular fish is during the fall and winter months, when they migrate south from New England.

Tautog is often plentiful in the areas surrounding Ocean City, and because of its lean, firm and tasty meat, it is a popular menu item and choice for the “Catch of the Day.” Find the fish served baked, basked with butter and covered in crumbs or rubbed with spices and grilled. The main fishing season for tautog is May through September, but anglers still manage to reel them in year-round.

Another popular fish in Ocean City is flounder, which is found in the bay during the summer (June through September) and in the ocean all year long. Flaky and delicate, flounder is a mild fish that can be prepared in a myriad of ways, but for the most part, you’ll find this tasty fish pan-fried to perfection.

During the summer, you’ll find many other fish on the menu or specials board, including Spanish mackerel and bluefish. Of course, Ocean City menus also feature seafood favorites like shrimp, oysters, clams, lobster and salmon.

Area chefs use their creative license to create delicious dishes you could never dream up on your own, combining seafood and fresh ingredients from local farms, so jump on the slow food movement and savor a meal you’ll never forget.