Fishing in Ocean City

By Shawn Harman, Bahia Marina Fishing and Ocean City have been intricately connected since before there was in inlet. Heck, our former mayor was “Fish” Powell. Ocean City Fishing History Fishing has long gone hand in hand with Ocean City. In the late 1800s, the beginning of the fishing... More
things to do in ocean city

Things to Do in Ocean City

Must-Do Activities and Attractions in Ocean City Nationally recognized by magazines and travel publications, Ocean City is an excellent destination for couples, families and friends searching for a beach getaway. As the weather warms up, Ocean City is buzzing as people flock from all over the... More
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Hotels in Ocean City

  A trip to Ocean City, Maryland is perfect for families, friends, couples and everyone in between. From the boardwalk and beach to the quaint towns just a short drive away, there’s so much to do. When you aren’t out and about in Ocean City, you’ll be relaxing in your hotel, motel, bed and... More

Coastal Cuisine: Dining in Ocean City

By Jody Kelly Wright, The Shark on the Harbor, When my husband and I had the opportunity to travel, we always looked to the local community we were visiting for meal suggestions. We wanted to experience dining the way they do—the foods they eat, the atmosphere they... More
Ocean City spring break

Things to Do this Spring Break in Ocean City

Spend Your Spring Break in Ocean City Spring Break is the perfect time of year for all ages to visit Ocean City. Whether you’re a family with children, a group of teenagers or young adults, this coastal destination has something for every interest. You’ll find countless things to do during your... More
Ocean City vacation planning

5 Reasons to Book Your Ocean City Summer Vacation in Winter

Why You Should Start Planning Your Summer Vacation in Winter With the cold temperatures fast approaching, you may be dreaming of warmer temperatures and lounging on the sand in Ocean City. Instead of daydreaming, start planning. While there are several months left of snow and dreary winter... More
Ocean City year-round restaurants

Ocean City Restaurants Open Year-Round

Image from Travis Yewell Grab a Bite at these Restaurants Open Year-Round in Ocean City Ocean City is bursting with activity during Spring Break and from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. In the off season, things do slow down. While many businesses close during the off season,... More
Ocean City’s Off Season, IOcean City Off Season Activities, Attractions, And Things To Do

What to Do During Ocean City’s Off Season

Ocean City is Still “On” in Fall and Winter By Angela Blue Summer is undeniably the perfect season to visit Ocean City. The bustling boardwalk, the exciting festivals, the fresh seafood and the hot sand beneath your toes met with the refreshing splash of waves—what’s not to love? What you... More

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30 fun things, 30 things to do in Ocean City, Things to do in Ocean City Md. things to do OCMD
November 7, 2018
When you first arrive in Ocean City, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of fun and exciting things there are to do here! Should you stay at the beach, hit the open seas or visit local attractions? Here are some of our top picks of things you and your family won’t want to miss...
fagers island
February 7, 2019
Dine, Dance and Stay at Fager’s Island Coastal Highway divides Ocean City into the bayside and beachside. The beachside is where you’ll find Ocean City’s famous boardwalk, the sandy beaches and several hotels. When you visit Ocean City, don’t count the bayside out. On the bayside, in...
Ocean City budget vacation
November 25, 2019
Image from Mathieu Turle Save on Your Vacation to Ocean City A trip to Ocean City is the perfect time to unwind and let your cares drift out into the ocean. From finding the perfect hotel or beachfront rental, to enjoying all of the watersports, attractions and activities possible,...
Pet-friendly places in Ocean City
September 24, 2019
Bring Your Pets to these Places in Ocean City A trip to Ocean City is perfect for the whole family. For you, your family might include your four-legged friend. Don’t leave man’s best friend behind when you visit Ocean City; bring your pet along. Ocean City has plenty of places to have...
About Maryland Blue Crabs
June 4, 2019
Maryland Blue Crabs All About this Quintessential Coastal Crustacean Every summer, visitors flock to Ocean City for sun, sand and delicious eats. Summers in Maryland, especially on the coast, aren’t complete without cracking a bushel of our famous blue crabs. Whether you enjoy them...
Maryland Natural Resource Police Ocean City
June 4, 2019
Image from Maryland Natural Resource Police Maryland Natural Resource Police Keeping You Safe on Ocean City’s Waterways Every summer, millions of beachgoers flock to Ocean City’s sandy shores for some much-needed relaxation. Before you get the boat trips and fishing excursions...

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